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Ethics for Pharmacists

  • Code Could Be Right Prescription to Give Pharmacy More Credence, by John La Puma (Managed Care, 1998)

  • A Model Code of Ethics for Canadian Pharmacists (National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities)

  • "Pharmacoethics: Withholding prescribing data from a utilization committee," Seymour Katz & Robert DiGregorio

  • "Pharmacoethics: Unblinding a clinical trial for individual gain," by Seymour Katz, Robert V. DiGregorio, Amy Wong, Alicia Williams and Florence Singh

  • American Pharmaceutical Association's Code of Ethics

  • American Society of Health-System Pharmacists: Code of Ethics

  • "Patient Confidentiality and Pharmacy Practice," by Jack Justice

  • "Ethics in Clinical Pharmacology," by Giovanni Monte, Ph.D., Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter 2 (1992).

  • "Guidelines on the Ethics of Relationships Between Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers," Canadian Pharmacists Association
  • "A Guide to Moral Decision Making," by Chris MacDonald (from Everyday Ethics, Canadian Nurses Association, 1998)
  • "Creating a Code of Ethics for your Organization," by Chris MacDonald
  • "Do Pharmacists Have The Right To Refuse To Dispense A Prescription Based On Personal Beliefs?" by Stephanie E. Harvey,  Ei-Lun Lu, Oscar Rivas and Julie Rodgers
  • "The changing face of pharmaceutical ethics," By Tony Gosgnach (a pro-life look at the controversy over dispensing abortifacients) 
  • "The Myth of Patient Confidentiality," by Robert Gellman, iMP Magazine, November 1999.
  • Confidentiality of Patient Medical Records (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, PDF document)
  • "Pharmacy scandal alledged" (by Amy Green, Associated Press)


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