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Ethics in Pharmaceutical Research

  • "Ethics Case-Study: When are industry-sponsored trials a good match for community doctors?" American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine

  • "Sugar pills vs medicine: The ethics behind placebo-controlled trials," by Chris MacDonald (Parkhurst Exchange, January 2002)

  • Bioethics for clinicians 10: research ethics. Weijer C, Dickens B, Meslin E.  Canadian Medical Association Journal 1997; 156: 1153-1157.

  • The future of research into rotavirus vaccine. Weijer C. British Medical Journal 2000; 321: 525-526.

  • Why clinical equipoise, and not the uncertainty principle, is the moral underpinning of the RCT. Weijer C, Glass KC, Shapiro S.  British Medical Journal 2000; 321: 756-758.

  • "Conflict of interest in research, education and patient care" Trudo Lemmens,  Peter A. Singer, CMAJ 1998;159:960-5.

  • "Placebos: Deceptive benefits," by Jeffrey Kahn

  • "Shopping for clinical trials: New NIH Web site raises ethical issues," by Jeffrey Kahn
  • "Guinea Pig Soldiers?" by Jeffrey Kahn
  • "Too Old to Benefit? Why are so Few Seniors in Cancer Research?" by Jeffrey Kahn
  • "AIDS vaccines: immune to quick success," by Jeffrey Kahn
  • Patient Safety, Conflict of Interest, and Academic Integrity: the Olivieri Affair

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